METRO Has a Few Proposed Changes Coming Soon…

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METRO is proposing changing the routing of 59 Shaw-Kirkwood, 13 Union Shaw and the elimination of 80 Lafayette Square route.

From the Information Docket

Alternative Routing Options to Meet Community Objectives

Metro investigated several possible route options including:

  • Option I ā€“ Leave all routes the same but shift the layover for the 13 and 59 to the Central West End Station to allow the Thurman loop to be abandoned.
  • Option II ā€“ Extend 59 Kirkwood Shaw and 13 Union to downtown Civic Center Station and eliminate 80 Lafayette Square as a separate route. The 13 Union would operate east of Grand Blvd via Park Avenue to Truman, Chouteau to 14th Street. The 59 Kirkwood Shaw would operate east of Grand Blvd via Russell to either Mississippi or 12th Street. Members of the Lafayette Neighborhood Association have asked us to consider removing Metro bus service on Mississippi between Russell and Park Avenue because of impacts upon the street and adjacent buildings from heavy vehicles. Residents of the Soulard areas have expressed an interest in insuring that this route operates on 12th Street to Russell to insure connectivity with the 93 Midtown and the 10 Gravois.
  • Option III ā€“ Reroute the 92 Macklind Avenue to downtown St. Louis via Park Avenue to 14th Street. Additionally, it would require that Metro eliminate the 80 Lafayette Square and shift the resources of the 80 Lafayette to the 59 Kirkwood Shaw so that it could be operated to downtown via Russell to Mississippi. The 13 Union Shaw would have to be rescheduled to insure that the recovery could be taken at the Central West End Station.

Essentially it will leave the neighborhood with 2 bus connections downtown, but would reduce MetroLink connections.  The 80 Lafayette Square was been rendered redundant since last fall when most of the major areas it served were taken over by the 93 Midtown-South County (Shrewsbury Branch), 13 Union (Shaw to 39th and Grand), and the 59 Shaw-Kirkwood (Thurman Loop).  Additionally, I find the abandonment of  historic property (Thurman Loop) to be controversial at best.

It is pretty much a certainty (I was unable to attend either information meetings) that Option I will probably be exercised.  I’ll travel to Thurman Loop to take pictures of the site for decimination.

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