Crocs…How I loathe thee; Let Me Count The Ways…

By April 24, 2007 Uncategorized No Comments

Crocs have to be the single worst clothing mistake in human history. I do not say this lightly.  Kids might be able to get away with wearing them.  Kids can get away with wearing a lot of things that don’t work for others. 

Adults should know better.

Ladies, the crocs are not hot, they are not cute, and it may very well mean the difference between me going out on a date with you. If you have crocs in the closet, burn them. Give them to homeless. Do anything with them. On second thought, don’t give them to the homeless. Haven’t they suffered enough? 

On my list of things that look incredible on women, these don’t make the cut.  Stop wearing them. I may like you, but the hideous shoes have got to go… 

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