Yep…It’s the Uggs Turn…

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The second worst footwear ever created: Uggs.  While they serve a purpose in native New Zealand, they don’t serve a purpose in the United States, where I see them coming and going.  However, unlike Crocs (which I despise), these can actually be cute (depending on the woman wearing them). Jeans are a must, if you want to get our attention.

However, the fact they became an “fashion must have,” is a bit puzzling. They have some redeeming qualities.  I would assume they are warm (I’ve never asked). Although, I’ll admit that it seems a bit silly for women to have been wearing them after March 15 (not counting the cold snap).  It would seem to me that they are winter clothing and should be restricted as such.

Now, I won’t say burn these. These are actually cute on women.  Stick to the pastel colors and your fine. I’ve never been a fan of tan colored footwear.

 By this point, you might be wondering, why am I writing about women’s footwear.  I feel as a future boyfriend and husband I should have a say in what I think looks cute on my girlfriend/wife, right? She would like to know what I like on her, right?


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