Today is the First Day of Finals Week…

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The semester is finally coming to a close.  Let me reiterate: *finally.* The semester started off peppy enough, and was pretty good until Spring Break.  I’ve been tired just about everyday since Spring Break, and I’m tired right now.

 I’ve got three things to worry about right now:  I’ve got a feature story due Thursday morning (I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to write, yet); I have got to write a speech (with powerpoint), that is thankfully not due until next week, and monster 150 question Communication Theory final that will  mean the difference between passing Comm Theory, or having to take it again.  There’s a long story behind that, and I’ll go into after the semester is over.

I took one final this morning.  Computer Based Design. This class should have been easy.  I daresay it was not.  The test was simple enough (or maybe when you don’t study for it, it just seems that way when you have written mostly wrong answers).  I missed two assignments right at the end. Like I said, I’ve been tired a lot of late, wanting more to sleep, and then when I do sleep, not really sleep well enough to feel well rested.

Also, things are strange on campus, first having the mens basketball coach being sacked while on a recruiting trip, and then being replaced with whom most think will be a great coach for the men’s team. Then another bombshell. Father Biondi decides that the University News needs direction, and feels that the editorial staff needs oversight.  The controversy here deals with freedom of the press and first amendment rights.  I’m sorry I can’t comment on it, but I will say that working for the UNews this fall will be akin to working in the trenches at, say, the Post-Dispatch or any other media outlet.  Right now, I’m not certain how this affects SLU-TV or News22, of which I will be working for in the fall.   

 This will probably be a quick summer, and I’ll be spending it working (most likely on campus) and learning how to drive (after a 2 year hiatus; and 3 failed exams). Fall is going to be exciting for sure…


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