University News Charter (Proposed)

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This is an excerpt from the May 2007 President’s Monthly Message from Father Lawrence Biondi, S.J. President of St. Louis University:

Update on The University News charter: Much has been written and spoken this week within our SLU community regarding proposed changes to The University News charter. I feel it is very important that you understand the University’s intentions and how we plan to help The University News once again become a student newspaper that offers a respected, responsible voice.

What the University is proposing is to make reasonable changes in the form of a new newspaper charter that will address continuing concerns about the fiscal operations of The University News as well as the declining quality of the newspaper.

The new charter also will provide additional resources that we believe will make the newspaper better. The administration is committed to a student newspaper that is free to make its own editorial decisions.

We believe that having a student newspaper that offers a respected, responsible voice to SLU students, faculty and staff is important for the entire Saint Louis University campus. Our intent is to revitalize the newspaper so that it can become a publication of which all SLU students, faculty and staff can be proud. The new charter will help accomplish that.

Today, the administration asked the University’s Board of Trustees not to rescind the existing charter of The University News for at least 10 days to allow for further discussions with student leaders. The University’s Board of Trustees approved this motion.

The Board affirmed its intent that a new charter should protect the fundamental concepts of free expression of ideas, while also providing appropriate support, both administrative and educational, in the production of the paper so that students involved have a quality learning experience.

We will meet with student leaders during the next 10 days to discuss the new charter and its implementation. A new charter is expected to be in place by May 15. The new charter will lead to an improved student newspaper that ensures the staff’s editorial freedom while improving quality and fiscal responsibility.

If you are interested, you may click here to review the proposed new charter.

The link to charter is  a hyperlink “click here.”  I’ll print this charter out (6 pages) and see what I make of it.  I’ll  of course, keep readers posted…

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