Bought a New Laptop…

By May 18, 2007 Uncategorized No Comments

To replace the malfunction-prone Toshiba G15-AV501-R, that is 2 years young.  This wonderful machine (that I’m typing this blog entry with right now) is on it’s second motherboard, third LCD screen (this one has bright red/pink line going through right side right now), second touchpad, all under warranty.

 Its replacement: The Santa Rosa platform HP Pavillion dv9500t.  It has Windows Vista Home Premium (Ultimate has too much and 64-bit), a Lightscribe CD/DVD Dual layer burner, webcam, bluetooth, wireless, a TV tuner that tunes both ATSC and NTSC broadcasts, and screen resolution up to 1680X1050 that is very much HDTV. In comparison, my Qosmio is a 720p screen.

This is my first HP computer, and when it shows up in a couple of weeks, I will take many pictures of it. Stay tuned.


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