NewsEdge @ 10 Coming to St. Louis?

By August 10, 2007 Journalism, KTVI No Comments

WTVT in Tampa has “NewsEdge @ 11.” WFLD in Chicago has “the TEN.” Starting September 24, WJBK in Detroit will have “Edge @ 11.”

The article in the Detroit News, discusses a similar story to St. Louis, except for the addition of 10pm newscast at the FOX O&O.

Rumors abound that KTVI will be re-intering the 10:00 news race, after exiting it nearly a decade ago. FOX2 News @ 10 became FOX2 News @ 9 in 1998, and station has flourished at 9, usually beating out fellow 9pm competitor KPLR by usually by a 3-1 margin. KTVI is the only station in the market to increase its viewers, while KMOV and KSDK have fought over a shrinking audience at 10pm.

There is little doubt with a 10pm newscast on KTVI, it will put pressure on KMOV and KSDK to improve their late news product, which has stagnated since the exit of KDNL from news in October 2001.

Are there any plans in place at KDNL for news? Aside from off and on rumors of KDNL’s being for sale, there has been little or no chatter about local news at KDNL, which did not receive the “News Central” treatment that failed in other markets. If the rumors of a 10pm at KTVI are true, KDNL may be allowing a golden opportunity to compete slip away…again.

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