Missouri will have Two Stations Doing Local News in HD Soon

By August 14, 2007 Journalism No Comments

According to TV Predictions.com, KMBC9 (ABC), Kansas City,could flip the switch to HD News as early as next week.

KMBC-TV, the ABC affiliate in Kansas City, will begin broadcasting its news programs in High-Definition this month, probably as early as August 20.

The station this month has been running on-air teaser ads promoting the upcoming switch to high-def news.

When the switch occurs, KMBC-TV will be the first station in Kansas City to broadcast local news programs in high-def.

There are now approximately 50 local stations nationwide offering news programs in High-Definition.

KMBC-TV, which is owned by Hearst Argyle Television, is channel 9 in the Kansas City area.

HD news rollout in the Midwest has been slow, with KSDK flipping the switch last February, and sister station KARE-11 within a few months, in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

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