First Day of Classes

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August 27, 2007

St. Louis — Classes started today at St. Louis University. I woke up early enough to be on campus on time. The bus showed up on schedule (My commendations to Metro).

That’s when things got a little interesting. Note: Always go to the classroom on the syllabus. It’s easier that way. I went to classroom on the schedule. Definitely the wrong room. If the classroom is dark and its 15 minutes to the first class, you’re probably in the wrong room. This, of course, is not a hard and fast rule. I’ve been in the right room before, and for reasons unknown, most of the class is congregating outside of the room.

After spending about ten minutes going around in a circle (and now where near the right hall), I ended up in the Law Library. The Poos Libary. A very helpful desk clerk pointed me in the right direction, Tegeler Hall is on the EAST side of Grand, not WEST.

After being given directions, proceeded to Tegeler Hall. Getting to the hall was quite simple, save for the two block walk. And I got into the lecture hall, about 3 minutes to eight.

I spent at least 20 minutes fussing with wireless network. Apparently I had something typed wrong becuase SLUNET and Windows Vista didn’t get along for a while.

I’ve now been to Spanish 210 and Ethics. Spanish won’t be too bad (I’ve just got to remember Spanish I/II from Forest Park (and High School). Ethics will definitely be interesting. The class seems almost, freeform.

Off to eat something, then study.

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