Without Writers, TV loads Up on Reality, Reruns

By December 11, 2007 ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC No Comments

Steve Gorman of Reuters reports that viewers looking for new episodes of their favorite shows will find plenty of shows…just not scripted ones.

The writers strike has already affect more than 50 television shows, and has already forced late night shows into reruns. What do viewers have to look forward to?

On NBC, “American Gladiators,” A celebrity “The Apprentice,” “Baby Borrowers,” and “My Dad is Better than Your Dad.”

ABC has “Oprah’s Big Give” where Oprah Winfrey makes philanthropic donations.

FOX will have “American Idol,” the singing contest, now in it’s 6th season, along with two newcomers, “When Women Rule the World,” a social engineering experiment, where the traditional gender roles are reversed, and “The Moment of Truth.”

On CBS, “Survivor” returns, along with a winter edition of “Big Brother,” the British import reality series.

Returning to ABC are “Dancing With the Stars,” “Supernanny,” “Wifeswap,” and “The Bachelor.”

Industry experts think that FOX is in the best position during the writers strike with “American Idol” and “Sarah Connor Chronicles,” a Terminator spin-off series.

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