KMOV, KSDK, & KTVI Over Cover the Story, KDNL Drops the Ball

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This evening in suburban St. Louis we had a breaking news event. A shooting at a council meeting in suburb of Kirkwood, MO. As expected, the major media outlets in St. Louis went into coverage overdrive rather than getting the full story before going to air. Hype, not content. It took almost and hour and half to get to actual news coverage, as opposed to who got on the scene first.

KMOV & KSDK scrambled their helicopters for no real effect on a story that occurred in a building, at night. One station went to as to call their sports anchor to get “personal” interest into the story. Again, not particularly helpful or relevant to the story, but I suppose forgivable based on situation. Another station’s reporter allowed their emotions to get involved in the story. The only reporter that should be emotional was the one in the council chambers covering the city council meeting.

But to the stations’ credit, KMOV, KSDK, KTVI, & KPLR actually covered the story in a mostly effective, all-around way. KMOV’s Vickie Newton asked some very relevant and pertinent questions.

St. Louis’ black sheep station, KDNL again, not surprising, drops the ball again, with no local coverage at all, as they lack a news department, or anything that resembles news staff. ABC News’ Nightline was forced to cover the news via other ABC stations and Associated Press.

A commendable job by the stations involved in a high stress breaking news event.

KMOV and KTVI broke coverage at 11:45pm, Leaving KSDK with coverage.

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