CW Fall 2008 Schedule

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My take on the schedule:

I personally have issues with the CW’s ‘white teenage girl-only’ demo that the CW is embracing; it’s an asinine demo, and it probably won’t work. The CW’s flimsy fall schedule is white, very white, and borders on exhibition nonsense. Further the CW’s strategy this fall is apparently: all shows must contain upper-class rich white (women), and sparingly show other minorities (or men). The shows that prominently feature African-Americans (Everybody Hates Chris, The Game) have been pushed off on Friday night deathslots, along with reruns of Tyra’s exhibitionist nonsense.

Tyra’s extremely dull America’s Next Top Model returns, again featuring another cycle of women vying for spot in an already crowded industry.

Reaper returns midseason, to help hold up a very flimsy network schedule. Expect, MyNetworkTV to wipe the floor with The CW on WWE Smackdown nights, and the Big 4 to wipe the floor with the netlet on other nights.

Observe Sam Zell’s Tribune stations distance themselves from the network further as the rebuilding of Trib’s TV station group continues.

The CW Schedule after the bump.

The CW Fall 2008

8pm: Gossip Girl
9pm: One Tree Hill

8pm: 90210
9pm: Privileged

8pm: America’s Next Top Model
9pm: Stylista

8pm: Smallville
9pm: Supernatural

8pm: Everybody Hates Chris
8:30pm: The Game
9pm: America’s Next Top Model reruns

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