A Lesson Learned…

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I learned a valuable lesson yesterday when I received my Verizon Wireless bill for October. My usual $40 bill jumped to $90 bucks.  What could have caused it to double, you ask?  I used 3MB of data usage on my bill. Just 3MB.  Many of you who use a computer are accustomed to downloading software that is larger than that.  3MB of usage without a hefty “unlimited” data plan on Verizon’s network amounts to $40. 

I went 12 minutes over my 250 minutes a month, and it amounted to a paltry $5.40.  Text messages, a grand total of 12 (3 sent, 9 received), $2.40. Just text messages and overages amounted to less than $8 dollars, but 3MB of data is a crushing $40 dollars.

The data plan seems like a good idea until you do the math, a reasonable bill has a $40 added to it immediately. No thanks. I just refrain from using  Windows Mobile IE unless it’s and absolute emergency.  It’s a hard earned lesson from a person who recently got their first smartphone.

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