WeatherPlus+ Shuts Down

By December 2, 2008 KSDK, NBC No Comments

NBC WeatherPlus+Officially, NBC WeatherPlus+ shut down on December 1st.  For viewers across the country, the only change is that you don’t see live weather segments.  There’s still the  615 Music-produced music, and weather maps.

What replaces WeatherPlus is the Weather Channel.  NBC purchased The Weather Channel from Landmark Communications earlier this year, and signaled in October that WeatherPlus was to be shuttered by the end of 2008.

However, the fact remains that several stations are still carrying the feed, and still brand their local weather segments as WeatherPlus.  KSDK in St. Louis, still brands weather as “WeatherPlus+.”

Additionally, many stations have not found alternate programming to fill the DTV sub channel, in the case of KSDK, 5.2.  KETC is the only other station in the market that has made significant use of digital sub channels.

I’ll root around and find out what will become of WeatherPlus+ in St. Louis.

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