February 17? Try June 12. DTV Transition Moves to June

By February 5, 2009 KDNL, KETC, KMOV, KNLC, KPLR, KSDK, KTVI, WRBU No Comments

If you’re tired of seeing DTV transition commercials, it’s not over; you’ll have to wait a few months. The transition commercials are being rejiggered  for the new date: June 12. The House of Representatives joined the US Senate in moving the DTV deadline to June 12, 264-158, after businesses spent millions of dollars on transition commercials trumpeting February 17. Maybe the networks should ask for bailout money, too.

If you’re wondering why the big day is moving, well, it’s because a few million people are either unaware a change was coming, unable to make the change, or didn’t care.  Be sure to tell your congressperson to move Thanksgiving or Christmas when you’re running behind on either of those holidays.  It would make about as much sense. Watching the cheesy NAB-produced commercials and asinine questions to TV stations during their “Let’s cover the DTV transition instead of actual news” segments, you might be tempted to do something else: turn the TV off. Permanently. 

Well, you’ve got to live through it for 4 more months. 

There is general agreement that the public is generally unprepared for DTV. Unfortunately, the public is usually unprepared for lot of things (see: any holiday). 

As the Post-Dispatch’s Gail Pennington said her Tube Talk blog: “Oh Yay!” 

Note: Most of this entry was written in jest.

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