Haven’t Posted in a few days (okay, weeks). Here’s why:

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So, as you may have guessed I haven’t done any news updates in some time; Everything was fine on that until spring break, when I found myself trying too much at once (doing TV and print stories is fine; just don’t do them at the same time), and apparently becoming emotionally attached, too (I don’t recommend this). For whatever reason, I’ve not been able to focus like I should, and I need to focus more because the semester is over in a few weeks.

As an update, here’s what I’m doing: I’m out of class for Easter Break. Yes, when you go to a Catholic university, you tend to get days off that you aren’t used to: Holy Thursday and Good Friday. I’m a public school kid, so getting Thursday and Friday off for a holiday is on Sunday is different. 

I’ve been working on a new website design for kareemjohnson.us. I haven’t gotten very far, and I haven’t completely come up with a layout yet. 

Normal posting should resume on Monday (last off day for Easter…that’s the day the allows people to come back from wherever they went for Easter).

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