Mike Bush to Anchor NewsChannel5 at 10 Solo

By April 23, 2009 Journalism, KSDK No Comments

Via Deb Peterson at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Mike Shipley, news director at KSDK has said that Mike Bush will anchor NewsChannel5 at 10 solo “for the forseeable future.”  So who will replace the recently departed Deanne Lane?

“Mike will be the solo anchor for the 10 o’clock news for the foreseeable future. That’s all I can say.”

–Mike Shipley

There are reportedly no changes at 5 and 6 where he anchors with Kay Quinn.

My Take:

KSDK has used Jasmine Huda on the desk. Why not her? She done quite well with everything she’s done thus far. Or put Kay Quinn at 10, too.  Put Jeff Small on Saturday/Sunday, or split it with Mike Garrity.  It should be interesting to see how this works in the long run.

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