Charting a New Course…

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One of things that goes through your head often is “where do I go from here?” Even though the Spring semester just ended, and  I lost half of my news staff to graduations, I now need to develop the game plan for SLU News22’s 2009-2010 year.

This will be interesting, as I’m only person left from SLU News22 that was there when I started in August of 2007.  So, what does that mean? Do we keep doing the news the way we always have, or do we strike out in a new direction?  My experience directing a news department has not been to bad, considering I took over at mid-semester out of necessity. One of the good things to come with a completely new news team is that the new eager faces will be trained from minute one on writing, editing, and shooting video.

I want to start a process where everybody, in front and behind the camera can fulfill the needs of the modern newsroom as a multimedia journalist.

So far, the major issue I’ve had is trying to figure out how to integrate the newspaper aspect into SLU News22.  Should reporters be required to write a certain number of newspaper stories? If so, so that they avoid the what readers commonly see when they visit TV websites: badly written and copy-edited broadcast copy. Should newspaper reporters be required to make at least 5 of their print stories a broadcast one?

I’ll continue to share thoughts on this as summer progresses…

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