WCBS Alum Steve Bartelstein comes to WBBM

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Chicago–Steve Bartelstein, who has seen his share of controversies at WABC and WCBS in New York is transitioning from the Big Apple to the city of broad shoulders, Chicago, reports Robert Feder. Feder reports Bartelstein was

“was once fired from WABC-TV for sleeping through a news update, and later quit WCBS-TV, saying he felt “tired of this place not appreciating me for what I do for them.”’

Bartelstein joins Kate Sullivan, also of WCBS.  The reason for so much talent from New York?  Dave Friend is the former News Director at WCBS, and current VP of news operations at WBBM.

Feder thinks that Bartelstein might be headed for “Monsters and Money in the Morning,” WBBM’s response to a traditional 5 to 7 am newscast.

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