Updates: Website, Portfolio, and Job Applications

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This is a very overdue blog update.  I’m redesigning my resume and applying to a new round of jobs in New York, Washington, Boston, and Chicago.  My ultimate goal is to move to New York (hopefully before July), and I am working on planning a trip there later this month, as a go see, and to interview for jobs. It will also help me decide which borough/neighborhood to focus on.

The interesting part about that is trying to pin down a date that I can comfortably put on cover letters (probably styled as “the week of…”) so that a date can be ironed out if I’m called out for an interview.

In other news, the portfolio aspect of things is coming along. I plan to have video projects I’ve done uploaded to my YouTube account this week. This is work I did with the Student Media Production Team, that I can showcase myself as a capable editor.

On that note, I’ve uploaded my University News stories and SLU News22 scripts to Scribd (www.scribd.com/kjohnson04) so potential employers can see my copy writing ability.

You’ll also see my Patch.com stories (University City/Clayton-Richmond Heights) show up here and at Scribd.  I’ll probably spend the weekend going through Youtube and pulling out my newscasts from News22 and cutting those down to post on my account and build an anchoring/reporting demo reel.

Lastly, I’m looking at HDV cameras on eBay to buy that I can start adding a MMJ element to stories I do for Patch.com, and making complimentary packages to go with those stories.

Keep your eyes peeled on that. I’ll have a new post soon.

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