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Why So Quiet? Or My Career Aspirations Deferred

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I’m sure many have wondered why my blog hasn’t been updated in several months. There is a simple answer for that.

There is no news to report, good, bad, or otherwise. What this post will try to do is summarize what has happened (or not) the last few months.

My last regular reporting was in August, while I was on an internship. There has been little movement career-wise since then. Whether this is a symptom of a poor economy, disinterested employers, or a simple lack of need of new journalists, I’ll leave to the experts.

I graduated in May of 2010 in hopes of finding regular work in my chosen profession, continuing to refine the skills both in front of and behind the camera, and in print while in college. I have not been successful in that pursuit so far, as fulltime reporting positions have continued to be elusive. Perhaps in the new year that will change. One can only hope.

Until recently, I had been attempting to relocate to New York, but while I enjoyed being in quite possibly one of the greatest cities on earth during my internship, I was not able to find permanent work, and I had to return to my hometown. Living in New York is still a prospect, but I cannot financially support relocating with the promise of future employment.

Because of a lack of career movement, I’ve looked at leveraging my skills to other potential employers and I have run into another problem. I lack experience as a journalist, which makes me unappealing to many newsrooms, which I can understand. However, with respect to public-facing work of which I have 12 years and counting experience, it’s seems to be a double negative of sorts (combined a with a bachelor’s degree in communications) in the current economic climate. College Degrees and retail are apparently a bad mix right now. By default, you’re overqualified.

I recently got dropped in the second round by major shoe retailer I suspect because of my college degree. The net result is income I could use to further my abilities a journalist (equipment for example; I have a computer on it last legs that I cannot replace because I currently cannot buy a new machine; my digital journalists toolkit that I’ve been planning to build continues to be deferred because of a lack of income) won’t be there. Coupled with college debt, and the results are unpleasant.

Over the past few months I have reluctantly moved from what I want to do, to what I need to do survive until retirement age. It is wholly likely that journalism may be a dream deferred (or unlikely); I haven’t given up, and this blog will try to chronicle what I’m doing.

I’ll try to blog more regularly and get this page moving again. Stay tuned.