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Tempus Fugit, Or How Time Flies

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It’s been a long while since I did an entry on this site. Today marks the end of the long silence. I have few special projects I’m working on, and as always, I’m looking to work in journalism, although now I’m more focused on creating my own journalism job rather than trying to force the break in to the industry.

My silence has not been an abandonment of my journalist aspirations, but merely a recharging of them. Over that past month or so (spent mostly at home from one of my jobs, I have two right now), recovering from first an allergy, then the flu, and now a nagging sinus infection, I’ve had plenty of time to think.  Today marks a change from standing on the sidelines to to a carpe diem moment (a lot of Latin today, I apologize).

From this point forward I will be working on a news website for St. Louis. This blog will be used to solicit input on what it should focus on and what you think the established media is missing in St. Louis. I’ll critique the media daily as well as bring you insight into the goings-on locally.

As they say, watch this space.  I promise the next entry won’t take a year to produce.