Kareem Johnson, Digital Multimedia Journalist

Kareem Johnson

I’m a freelance digital journalist in St. Louis, MO. I left for New York in 2011 for a an internship with DNAinfo.com, a hyperlocal news site focused on Manhattan, and now I’m looking to explore opportunities in journalism, social media and marketing. I’m also a contributing freelance writer for the University City and Clayton-Richmond Heights Patch.com sites in St. Louis, MO. I returned to St. Louis  in late 2011 to develop a hyperlocal news site in St. Louis, which is still in the planning phases as of 2018.

A 2010 graduate of Saint Louis University, with a degree in Communications and a certificate in Creative and Professional Writing, I was a weekly contributor the the campus newspaper, the University News, where I was a contributing reporter and editor. I was the News Director for SLU News22, the campus television newscast, helping to produce a record number of newscasts.

My goal as a journalist is giving viewers and insight into their communities and their their worlds. The news from down the block is every bit as important as the news that happens a world away.

In college media and my professional career, I have worked hard to attain a wide-ranging skill set that is valuable to today’s newsrooms, marketing departments and public relations departments, using social media on daily basis, tweeting and retweeting information on several topics throughout the day, and opening dialog to viewers, and readers, and interacting with them, and give an organization a competitive edge.

I’ve interviewed people ranging from world-known personal safety expert Nancy Hightshoe, to political analyst Paul Begala, to TV personality Bill Nye (The Science Guy) to social activist and professor Dr. Cornel West while in college.

I’m eager to embrace new challenges in the rapidly changing landscape of journalism and new media. I embrace new ways to connect with the audience and make online, print, and broadcast news a two-way medium.

Feature Writing, Final Cut Pro, Digital Photography, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, Video Editing, Editing, Non-linear Editing, Photo Editing, Social Media, News Writing, Spanish, Social Media Marketing, News, Breaking News, Marketing Communications, Facebook, Online Research, Beat Reporting, Interviewing, Media Interviews, Newspaper, Online Video, Video Production, Social Media Monitoring, Television Production

* Extensive use of Microsoft Office Suite on Mac OS and Windows platforms
* Shooting video miniDV and flashed-based cameras from Canon, Kodak, and JVC cameras; shooting with flash-based cameras; editing utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro for packages and promotions
* Graphic creation in Adobe Creative Suite (including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, & Adobe AfterEffects) and Final Cut Studio (including Apple LiveType, DVD Studio & Motion) for news and production projects