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Summer Work

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I’m readying my resume and cover letter for summer work at TV stations, and I’ve been caught between KMOV and KSDK. For some reason, KSDK pulled their Production Assistant listing off of their station website.  KMOV’s version, called Broadcast Assistant is still there. I’m still going to send them to both, and see who bites.

Once I finish my two stories recycling at SLU (University News) and the Missouri Access Grant (SLU News 22), I’ll spend some time cleaning up my resume (the current is linked from the front page of this blog). 

I’ll be happy to work at either station, but this would be more interesting if KDNL (also in Downtown) had a news department…

Analog to Digital Transition Status in St. Louis


DTV Status for Major Stations:

Call Letter Format HD News DTV Assignment Analog Assignment Affiliation Analog Shutdown
KTVI 720p FOX-HD Yes (2/16) 43 (2.1) 2 FOX June 12, 2009
KMOV 1080i (4.1) CBS-HD  

480i (4.2) KNLC-SD

Yes 24 (4.1, 4.2) 4 CBS June 12, 2009
KSDK 1080i (5.1) NBC-HD  

480i (5.2) WeatherPlus+

Yes 35 (5.1, 5.2) 5 NBC June 12, 2009
KETC 720p (9.1) KETC-HD  

480i (9.2) KETC Kids

480i (9.3) PBS World

480i (9.4) Create

N/A 39 (9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4) 9 PBS June 12, 2009
KPLR 1080i CW-HD Yes (2/16) 26 (11.1) 11 CW June 12, 2009
KNLC 720p N/A 14 (24.1) 24 CW February 17, 2009
KDNL 720p ABC-HD N/A 31 (30.1) 30 ABC February 17, 2009
WRBU 480i N/A 47 (46.1) 46 My Network TV February 17, 2009

KUMO-LP/LD is not included, but will broadcast on Channel 10, serving as the region’s lone VHF digital station when it signs on.

This chart will be updated as necessary.

February 17? Try June 12. DTV Transition Moves to June


If you’re tired of seeing DTV transition commercials, it’s not over; you’ll have to wait a few months. The transition commercials are being rejiggered  for the new date: June 12. The House of Representatives joined the US Senate in moving the DTV deadline to June 12, 264-158, after businesses spent millions of dollars on transition commercials trumpeting February 17. Maybe the networks should ask for bailout money, too.

If you’re wondering why the big day is moving, well, it’s because a few million people are either unaware a change was coming, unable to make the change, or didn’t care.  Be sure to tell your congressperson to move Thanksgiving or Christmas when you’re running behind on either of those holidays.  It would make about as much sense. Watching the cheesy NAB-produced commercials and asinine questions to TV stations during their “Let’s cover the DTV transition instead of actual news” segments, you might be tempted to do something else: turn the TV off. Permanently. 

Well, you’ve got to live through it for 4 more months. 

There is general agreement that the public is generally unprepared for DTV. Unfortunately, the public is usually unprepared for lot of things (see: any holiday). 

As the Post-Dispatch’s Gail Pennington said her Tube Talk blog: “Oh Yay!” 

Note: Most of this entry was written in jest.

CBS Dumps Ahern at WBBM

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CBS2 - WBBMChicago — CBS Corporation fired Joe Ahern, GM of WBBM-TV Channel 2 on Tuesday, reports outgoing columnist Robert Feder of the Chicago Sun-Times. The CBS O&O was under the management of Ahern for 6 years.  Ahern was brought in from ABC O&O rival WLS-TV after he led the station to market dominating #1 in all news time slots. The magic never occurred at WBBM.  In his tenure, WBBM has been twice sued, and his staff picked up the tab for his birthday party.  Additionally, WBBM has languished in last place.

Ahern was charged with the responsibility of reforming and improving the ailing CBS station, which is rated last in 10 o’clock newscasts. The station has recently gone to high-definition newscasts, and shuffled it’s anchor lineup, now featuring Rob Johnson, and KMOV alum Anne State.

Effective this past Wednesday, Bruno Cohen took over as station manager. Cohen has most recently managed the KMAX/KOVR Duopoly in Sacramento, CA.

Press Release – Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate Moderators Announced

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ABC’s Charles Gibson is frozen out from the presidential Debates; PBS’s gets 2, NBC, CBS get 1. Jim Lehrer and Gwen Ifill, both from The Newshour With Jim Lehrer, represent CBS, Tom Brokaw represents NBC, and Bob Schieffer, CBS.

The subtext is that ABC probably lost out because of the journalistic travesty of a debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton prior to Super Tuesday, with a ‘gotcha’ style of questioning that irked and raised the ire of many viewers, causing ratings losses for World News for a period after the debate.

From a journalistic standpoint, these are excellent selection of nation’s best broadcast journalists, combining experience, credibility, and fairness in their reporting. This should make for interesting, informative debates.

Read More

May Sweep Ratings (May 2008)

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May 2008 Sweep Ratings (From Arch City Chronicle)


STATION          PROGRAM                                             HH RTG/ SHR


KSDK             TODAY IN ST.L (5-6AM)                             3.4/15

KTVI               Fox 2 News (5-6am)                                 3.2/15

KMOV            CBS Morn/News 4 Morn. (5-6am)             2.2/10

KDNL             ABC News Morn (5-6am)                           0.8/ 4


KSDK             TODAY IN ST.L (6-7AM)                            7.2/22

KTVI              Fox 2 News (6-7am)                                  6.2/19

KMOV           News 4 This Morning (6-7am)                   4.1/13

KDNL            ABC News Morn. (6-7am)                          1.0/ 3


KSDK            NEWS CH 5 Today @ 10 (10-10:30am)     4.4/15

KTVI             Rachael Ray (10-11am)                             3.2/11

KMOV          Montel Williams (10-11am)                       2.2/ 7

KDNL           The View (10-11am)                                 1.9/ 6


KSDK            NEWS CH 5 NOON (12-1PM)                       6.0/17

KMOV           News 4 – Noon (12-12:30pm)                   5.8/17

KTVI             Fox 2 News (11:00am-12pm)                    3.7/12


KMOV           Dr. Phil (3-4:00pm)                                  6.5/17

KTVI              Judge Alex (3-3:30pm)                           4.9/13

KSDK            SHOW ME ST. LOUIS (3-3:30 PM)             3.0/ 8

KDNL            Maury Povich (3-4:00pm)                        2.5/ 6



KSDK             NEWS CH 5 (5-5:30PM)                         11.8/23

KMOV            News 4 (5-5:30pm)                                8.0/16

KTVI              Fox 2 News (5-6:00pm)                          5.7/11


KSDK             NEWS CH 5 (6-6:30PM)                         12.7/23

KMOV            News 4 (6-6:30pm)                                7.0/13

KTVI              Fox 2 News (6-6:30pm)                          4.2/ 8


KMOV           News 4 (10-10:30pm)                           13.8/21

KSDK             NEWS CH 5 (10-10:30PM)                     12.6/19

KTVI              Fox 2 News Edge (10-10:30pm)              4.7/ 7



KSDK            NEWS CH 5 (10-10:30PM)                        12.8/20

KMOV           News 4 (10-10:30pm)                             12.4/19

KTVI             Fox 2 News (9-10:00pm)                           8.6/13


Source:  NSI St. Louis Multiday Grid Report M-F 20 of 20 days and M-S 28 of 28 days May ‘08  (4/24/08-5/21/08)

A Busy Evening…

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Let’s put it this way: Today was a busy one, and it doesn’t stop there. More on that in a moment. Lets go back a few hours to 10AM.

It started a 5AM, to be totally exact, and involved rolling over after looking at the clock.  Hearing the driving rain this morning was not an open invitation to get up.  Fast forward to 9AM.  Still raining, and really no interest in getting up. We a had a teleconference with a freelance writer, Steve Friedman at 11AM, and this was definitely not something to miss.  However with the rain, I wasn’t the feeling the overriding urge to get up. 

But I did, and was ready to go catch the bus. I don’t live on campus, so public transit is the way to get to school, the other option is walking, weather permitting.  I’ll save the faux drama and admit I missed the bus.  That left me with two options; walk to school and get there on time, or wait for the next bus at 10:30, and arrive about 10 minutes late. 

Let’s just say that waiting on the bus might have been a better idea.

I opted to walk, and about a quarter of the way there, I began to see flaws in the logic of walking to school in a driving rain…in a suit. And a somewhat leaky rain jacket. It was smooth sailing almost, If you don’t take into account wet pants, and monstrous puddles (Have I said ‘more on that later’ too many times?).  Light rain showers are fine.  Driving downpours are another thing entirely, especially if it’s windy.

Another one of those dumb macho male things men are so good at doing from time to time that has our significant others rolling their eyes wondering, ‘are all men this stupid?’ I’m here to say, yeah, mostly.  Maybe we don’t walk to school in Spring in monsoon-like rains, but I can pretty much guarantee they’ve done something else that could be considered stupid, or at the very least ill advised.

But trudge to school in the driving rain I did, and I got there on time, with pants that were soaked to the knee, my suit jacket damp, and signs of seepage in the backpack. 

Feature writing was uneventful. Steve Friedman is an interesting guy to listen to, and has a good sense of humor.  His writing is highly entertaining, and enjoying to read.  I do have a personal essay due Tuesday of next week (and this looks like a pretty good candidate here).

After and uneventful lunch (pizza), I was back in another class, this time to try out my looks of confusion.  I can’t really say that I was paying as much attention as I should have, as I was trying to figure out what I was supposed to do later in the day during the Chaifetz Arena opening. Communication Research can be tedious, and complicated if you are trying to ascertain from National Weather Service maps about if all the rain had left the area, or whether there was more on the way. It stayed mostly cloudy until well after 6pm.

Onward to the Chaifetz Arena at 3:30, there was some confusion as where certain things were to be filmed.  Our sports director dashed of to the locker rooms for a package, and I ended up on the media deck (with the pros) to film the proceedings for the opening (who gave the school money, who was behind constructing it, how many bricks it had, etc.). I saw Bonita Cornute from FOX2, Martin Kilcoyne, also from FOX2, Mike O’Connell from KMOV, Jeff Skeversky from KMOV to name a few (okay, four). Admittedly, my career aspirations are not in filming, but in telling the story. It’s sort of funny, trying to look professional, around professionals.  I’m certain I looked like amateur (in a suit no less). 

We lost audio three times (SLU TV’s camera, along with KMOV, KTVI, KSDK, KTRS, STL TV, and others were connected to house system for sound).  I went from internal mic to house at twice, all the while trying to keep the sound level (I don’t think I succeeded with that), make sure every editable utterance was recorded, and get some good video of the proceedings. The somewhat annoying thing is that they had most of the administrative staff and athletics in a long row, necessitating a lot pans, a couple of hot-zooms (read fast zooms) that probably won’t look to good on camera.  We’ll see how that turns out next week when we film the newscast. 

It was a fun experience, checking out the new (and expensive) stadium on campus. 

KMOV, KSDK, & KTVI Over Cover the Story, KDNL Drops the Ball

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This evening in suburban St. Louis we had a breaking news event. A shooting at a council meeting in suburb of Kirkwood, MO. As expected, the major media outlets in St. Louis went into coverage overdrive rather than getting the full story before going to air. Hype, not content. It took almost and hour and half to get to actual news coverage, as opposed to who got on the scene first.

KMOV & KSDK scrambled their helicopters for no real effect on a story that occurred in a building, at night. One station went to as to call their sports anchor to get “personal” interest into the story. Again, not particularly helpful or relevant to the story, but I suppose forgivable based on situation. Another station’s reporter allowed their emotions to get involved in the story. The only reporter that should be emotional was the one in the council chambers covering the city council meeting.

But to the stations’ credit, KMOV, KSDK, KTVI, & KPLR actually covered the story in a mostly effective, all-around way. KMOV’s Vickie Newton asked some very relevant and pertinent questions.

St. Louis’ black sheep station, KDNL again, not surprising, drops the ball again, with no local coverage at all, as they lack a news department, or anything that resembles news staff. ABC News’ Nightline was forced to cover the news via other ABC stations and Associated Press.

A commendable job by the stations involved in a high stress breaking news event.

KMOV and KTVI broke coverage at 11:45pm, Leaving KSDK with coverage.

More on this breaking news event at:

KMOX (CBS Radio):
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: